Our Services

We sell and service all kinds of well and water related items. We have fully stocked service vehicles that can come right to your home and assess your water issue. Water Solutions technicians look at wells and water related problems every day, and in many cases can complete the service call in less than an hour. Our service vehicles are stocked with the most commonly used parts needed to fix well, pump, filtration, and other water related issues so that the job can be done in a timely, cost effective manner. If you are in need of parts, please feel free to call our office, we stock many items in our shop, and will be happy to bring it to you if a service truck is in your area.

Well Installing and Servicing

Well Installing and ServicingWell drilling: We use an air rotary drill rig and generally drill 6" wells, steel cased with a PVC liner pipe. We have the capacity to drill a variety of sizes from 5" up to 18" and depths up to 500'. We primarily drill from March to November, but some well locations, unless you build a road, are only accessible when the ground is frozen, so don't rule out the rest of year. In addition to drilling for water, we have installed steel piling for foundations, windmills, and other holes in the ground!

Well Cleaning: We can determine if a well cleaning is needed or beneficial to improve your water flow and quality, and to maintain the health of your well.

Sand screens, flow tests, re-drills, well cleanings, and water testing are other related services we offer.
If you are interested in getting your property doused, we can recommend someone for that before a well site is chosen.

Cisterns and Tanks

Cisterns and TanksAs an alternative to drilling a well, a cistern call be installed for receiving delivered water, or as a water catchment for a low production well. A cistern can be an effective way to supply water to your house. A cistern not only needs to be installed correctly but sized correctly. There are a lot of factors to consider, one that is often overlooked is the simple fact that water is very heavy and you should not put thousands of gallons of water on a normal load bearing floor. If you are building a new house or thinking about installing a cistern give us a call to prevent a costly mistake. We sell, deliver, and install all sizes and types of cisterns, with all the extra parts you might need to make them function correctly. With the cost of supplying water either from a well or delivered, one should not rule out a rain water catchment system even if just to water the garden and plants.


From deep well submersible pumps to shallow well jet pumps. Like sizing the correct shoe for your foot, sizing the correct pump to supply your water will help all components of your system work together. Not only can we size a pump for your specific needs we can trouble shoot and/or repair an existing pump and system you may already have in place. Improperly performing pumps can cost hundreds of dollars per year in electric bills alone.

Freeze Protection/Thawing Pipes

A simple evaluation in the warmer months can save a big headache in the colder months. There is nothing that can prevent someone from forgetting to close the crawl space door or not plugging in the heater that heats the well house, but some preventative maintenance done before it gets cold, especially if you have tenants or a vacant home, could easily save you from the "Hey, we don't have any water!" call at 6:00AM. Give us a call to help prevent this scenario or to fix this crisis. I am almost sure prevention will be less expensive than repair. One thing to remember is always shut off the breaker to the pump if you have one because if you don't, you will not only have frozen pipes but also a burnt up pump.

Water TestingWater Testing

We have the capabilities of testing water for iron, copper, lead, arsenic, sulpher, nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, pesticides, and bacteria as well as the PH and hardness . Water testing prices vary depending on the test. We can recommend and install water systems to treat any of these problems.